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Facts about

  • This site is not related in anyway to the racing industry or any particular rescue organization.

  • We provide a service to any non-profit greyhound rescue group in the world that seeks to promote itself, and we do it free of charge.

  • Groups may post their available dogs, list their events, or add photos simply by sending us e-mail with detailed information.

  • Organizations that do not have a web presence, or would like to expand an existing site, may utilize for free personalized web pages. 

  • If you have an existing site, but are paying for space, or are unsatisfied with it's performance., move on to  It's free, and you keep complete control of your site.  More details.

  • There are no conditions, no restrictions, no time limits.

  • All e-mails, addresses, and personal information are kept confidential.  It will  NOT BE SOLD or given to anyone.

  • is financially supported solely by private individuals wanting to help greyhound organizations find homes for the dogs.

  • Donations are not requested, nor accepted.

  • will not contact you accept with occasional reminders or requests for updated information for the site.

  • We have been on the web for over 14 years and have helped countless organizations.  (But we want to help more)

  • Some of the pages contained within are linked to other websites.  This is to avoid duplication and to share the best other greyhound sites have to offer.

Sound to good to be true?  It's simple, we just want to help the greyhounds anyway possible, and one of the ways is by donating our time and expertise to this website.  So please contact woofmaster if there is anyway we can help your group out.